Employment Opportunities

Canine Shelter Technician - posted 8/26/14

Part Time, 24-32 hours weekly

Schedule: 4 days a week, must be able to work weekends and various weekdays. Shifts are any time between 7am-7pm.

Function: The Shelter Technician works with a team of 9 other Shelter Technicians, with one goal in mind, the cleanliness of the sheltered animals living areas. This position will require training in small critters, dogs and cats. This position mainly consists of cleaning animal condos, dishes, laundry, and upkeep of the shelter facility. 

Job Description: Click here to open

Salary: $8.50/hour


Transport Program Driver - posted 6/29/14

Part Time

Schedule: Various Hours, depending on transport needs.

Function: The Transport Program Driver is responsible for picking up animals from the sending shelter or rescue, and safely bringing them back to GAHS or other receiving shelters in Maine. Driver must be familiar and comfortable with driving large vehicles. Transport driver must be able to drive up to 12 hours in one trip; trips can be longer than 12 hours and may require an over night stay. 

Salary: $10/hr


Click here for job applications. Please send completed applications and resumes to zach@gahumane.org or mail them to the shelter at 55 Strawberry Avenue, Lewiston, ME 04240.