My name is Stanley.  I arrived at the shelter in October 2009.  It was not your typical stray arrival or a surrender due to behavior story.  I had actually gone missing for about ten days from my previous home and returned a little skinnier and missing my front right leg.  I was not a pretty sight and what needed to be done was beyond the scope of what my previous family could perceive doing, so I was brought to the shelter with very little hope.  Needless to say, I was given that second chance.  As horrifying as I looked when the shelter staff took me in, I was never left to feel helpless.  I was seen by the vet immediately and scheduled for surgery on the very next day.  The infection was severe and it was surprising that I still had some life left in me, but I reached way down deep and found the strength to hold out just one more night.  The very morning of my surgery I was cuddled by staff and was prepped to have my entire leg (right up to the shoulder) amputated.  This can be a difficult decision as the front exrtremities are necessary for ease when traveling, running and playing, but I was bound and determined not to let any of this change the fact that I am indeed a cat.  Three legs or none.  I am going to live out those nine lives that were promised to me. 

Today, I find great comfort on the couch of my new adopters who have since moved to Brooklyn, NY and have taken me along so we can start our new life over looking the great city.  I am king of the window sill and take great pride in being a three legged cat.  I can still do all that I want and it even comes in handy when I want to play "pathetic" and get that extra bite of salmon at the dinner table.  I aks that you go to the shelter and adopt your success story.  It's great being famous.