Hattie the Happy Hound

Hattie came to our shelter as an owner surrender several months ago. Like many of the hounds here, her kennel behavior was less than desirable; she growled at the staff, her hackles were up, and she would cower to the back side of her kennel when anyone tried to approach her, especially men.

One of our staff members felt that underneath all of these behaviors, she was really just a fearful dog who deserved a chance at a good home. So…she took her home to help her with these behaviors and to teach her how to trust again.

After a couple of months, Hattie was a new dog. She would come to work with Kristin almost daily so that she could get some exposure and have a chance at being adopted. She was still a bit fearful in the kennel, but once she was out, her true colors would shine through.

A hound savvy family of seven came to visit the shelter one day and Kristin introduced them to Hattie. Hattie loved the family immediately, especially the five children. She even took to the father rather quickly. It was a perfect match.

Today, Hattie happily resides with the Bean family, and has three canine companions as well. Two of her three “sisters” are also former resident hounds of the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society. Hattie and her family hunt together on a regular basis, which is exactly what these hounds were bred to do.