"Bullet" Adopted 2006

My boyfriend and I met Bullet at your old shelter in 2006 he wasn't quite a year old then. He reached out of his cage and snagged my coat while I was cooing over a smaller kitten. When we looked closer we noticed he was missing a foot, and having already owned our own 3 legged hamster we couldn't resist the matching pair. He lived his first year while I was in college keeping his best pal Chris company, a man who at one time believed cats were snooty and didn't think he'd ever get close to one, today they are inseparable. Bullet helps him with his artwork, keeps his side of the bed warm, greets him at the door and plays all his favorite video games with him. He has a dog and a cat sibling who he keeps in line, and spends most of his time begging for treats or napping in the middle of the dog bed. He's a great little gray puma, and we can't imagine what life would have been like these past 5 years without his companionship!