Pet Adoption Process Tips

Tips for Adoption Day


To provide our eager adopters with more information on animals coming up for adoption in the next few days, here is a breakdown of the procedure for an adoption day.


1. Animals with an ‘Available’ date will not be able to be seen, visited with, or adopted until the date they go available for adoption. We do not place any holds, reservations or deposits taken before an animal is available.


2. Many of the new animals going available for adoption are highly desirable. Some potential adopters line up very early on the dates that new pets are going available. We cannot control how early adopters line up.


3. The majority of the time, the Humane Society staff will hand out numbers to the people waiting in line around 8 am. This number will hold your place in line so that you can wait in your car, go get coffee, etc.


4. When we open at 11 am people waiting in line can view the animals in the shelter while waiting for their number to be called. If you are not here when your number is called, you will forfeit your place in line.


5. Potential adopters must get a number from a staff member. No number swapping is permitted. If you decide to leave before your number is called, please return your number to a staff member.

6. Once your number is called you will be paired with an adoption counselor. The adoption counselor will set you up with the pet that you are hoping to meet, and answer any questions that you have.


7. After working with the adoption counselor, you and your new pet will go to the front desk where they will complete your adoption paperwork, and send you on your way!


8. Two weeks after adoption one of our volunteers will call you to check in on how you and your new pet are doing.


We hope you find the information helpful!