Semi-Feral Cats & Kittens Need Homes!

We are in quite the (under-socialized) kitten / feral cat conundrum!

These two kittens are just two of dozens of under-socialized kittens that we are currently caring for. They range in age from 6 weeks to 3 months - some more social than others. With some human interaction, patience, and a calm home environment, some of these youngsters may be able to socialize into wonderful house cats. Others, well, they may decide that they want to live freely outside (spayed or neutered & vaccinated, of course!) - where they can explore, and live life independently.


Rather not socialize kittens? But have property and a safe place for an outdoor cat? We also have adult cats that would rather live outside.


Contact us today about giving one of these deserving cats a safe place to grow up.