Pets for Adoption

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Small Pets


All of the dogs, cats and rabbits are neutered before they are placed in a new home. This includes puppies and kittens over 8 weeks of age.


'On Hold' is when a family has been approved to adopt that pet. Sometimes the pet is on hold because the family is thinking about the adoption for 24 hours, or the pet is waiting to be seen by our veterinary team.


If you are interested in adopting you are required to complete an

Pet Adoption Application



Adoption Fees:

VIP (very important pets) - varying adoption fees

Puppies & Dogs:

2 months to 5 months: $350
5 months to 8 months: $300
8 months to 3 years: $230
3 years to 5 years: $180
Over 5 years: $130
Seniors & Long Term Residents
(adults that have been for adoption longer than 18 days): $50

Kittens & Cats:

2 months to 5 months: $170
5 months to 10 months: $100
10 months to 5 years: $50
Over 5 years: FREE

Small Critters:

Neutered Rabbits: $30
Rats - unaltered: $5 altered: $25
Guinea Pigs: $25
Ferrets & Chinchillas: $50
Hamsters, Degus, Gerbils & Mice: $5



Parakeets: $10
Cockatiels: $25
Finches: $15
Love Birds: $50
Medium/Large Breed Birds: $50-$200




Seniors Program

Seniors to Seniors program does not apply to out-of-state transfer dogs. The dog or cat must have also come to the Humane Society already spayed or neutered to be eligible for this program.


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