Success Stories

"Little Bear" Adopted October 2009

We adopted our kitty, Little Bear, in October of 2009. At the time he was 8 weeks old and the last of this litter that was not yet adopted. He just melted our hearts and we fell in love with him right away. We went to the shelter with friends to look at some puppies they were interested in and we ended up leaving with Little Bear. We debated weather or not to take on a pet so unexpectedly and even attempted to leave- but we didn’t even make it to the parking lot before we turned around and started the adoption process.  We are so happy to have him as a part of our family. He is a very gentle, playful and loving cat. He loves to nap in any box or bag he can fit into and enjoys playing “tag” with us. He even sleeps in the bed with us every night and we often find him cuddling with us in the morning. He is a wonderful cat and we just can’t imagine not having him. Little Bear is very happy and we are very grateful for all you do!
Ashley and Ryan Landry

"Savanah" Adopted 2002


This is our dog, Savanah. We adopted her from GAHS 9 years ago (before the new place was built). My daughter is a year older than her, and they've grown up together. :)






"Gonzo" Adopted January 2001

This is our awesome dog Gonzo (Lab/Springer/Golden/Unknown). We adopted him in January of 2001 from GAHS when he was 1 or 2 years old. He was full of energy, a little rough around the edges and needed some leash training, but he has been one of the best dogs we have owned. Ten years later squirrels are still on high alert in our back yard and tennis balls are in high demand. Our son was born in 2003 and they have been best buddies from day one and Gonzo doesn’t let Ian get too far out of his sight.
Thanks for all you do, Gregg, Kerry, Ian- Auburn


"Gunnar" Adopted April 2010

We adopted "Gunny" on April 30th 2010.  We renamed him "Gunnar" he is such a good dog, so sweet and playful and we love him to death! We went into the shelter and he picked us. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have such a loving pet as part of our family. 

Megan and Tom 




"Daisy aka Asia May" Adopted November 2007

We met "Asia May" after she had spent several months at GAHS and several failed adoption attempts. At age 9 we realized this was not fair to her. We came down to see how she was, having a "hound home" we knew the ropes with the breeds. She was brought home and needed much attention. Her lingering anxiety consumed her. After consulting repeatedly with our veterinarian we decided to try her on some medication for her extreme anxiety. She felt wonderful after she started treatment, and her sweet personality could come out without any of her nervousness and anxiety. She is a sweet girl who has settled in our home and we decided to give her a new name for a new and wonderful chapter in her life. We named her "Daisy" because of how she blossomed from a repeated return to GAHS to a wonderful functioning member of our family, she's a fun friend for our 2 older children, new baby and her fur-brother Baxter the beagle. Thank you GAHS for all your support and encouragement in our journey with her!

The Lawlers, Auburn Me.

"Zipper" Adopted June 2007

It was June 4, 2007 when I woke up to find that my house had been burglarized while I was upstairs sleeping. Several electronics like my computer  and DVD player were stolen. Most of all, what was stolen was my sense of security. I had only lived in my new home for 6 months. That same day, after the police and my parents left, still stunned after what had happened, I decided I needed a K-9 companion who could help me feel secure in my home. I went to the ASPCA and found a small furry dog the staff had named Latte. I was able to adopt him on June 7th and I renamed him Zipper. He is a great security guard, not letting anyone come near my house without me knowing. I got married October 2, 2011, and Zipper just had to be part of the celebration.  Zipper and I have been very happy together, and he just LOVES his new "daddy".

Rachel Nadeau

"Missy" Adopted March 14, 2009


My name is Kelly, and my mom (Diane) and I adopted Missy just over 2 years ago! We adopted her on March 14 2009! I just wanted to send this to you guys for the success stories! Thanks for such a great dog, we love her to death!

~Kelly, Diane and Missy 





 This is Costello.   He found us at Petco, when my daughter and I came in to buy food for the other four footed family members of the Deveau household.   We always said hello to the cats in the shelter display, but this one was special.  As soon as we started talking to him, he came over to have his ears scratched and started to purr.  We knew he was meant to come home with us.  And so he did, joining the menagerie of three other cats, two dogs, and a hamster.  He had come in to the shelter as a stray, and it took a long time to gain his trust.  This picture makes him look rather fierce, but that's just part of his act.   He still doesn't like to be picked up, but has become the family lap cat - as long as its his choice.  If there's an empty chair at the table, he'll keep us company (very politely) during meals.  He's definitely 'a keeper'.  Thanks GA Humane Society for helping Costello find a forever home.

Kris Deveau
Auburn, ME

"Penny" Adopted July 25, 2011

I adopted "Penny" from GAHS on July 25, 2001. She was in the Kennel Shop when I first set my eyes on her. I was on vacation at the time and wasn't looking to adopt a pet. She had been at GAHS since February, which broke my heart. I left without her that day, but the thought of her at the shelter for five months haunted me. The following day I drove to GAHS and filled out the adoption paperwork. She was mine! That was almost ten years ago and we are the best of friends! I highly recommend adopting a shelter pet. They are so thankful and the best companions!

Ann Bodge Hampden, ME   04444


Here is Angel, I adopted her from Humane Society two and a half years ago after my dad passed away. I felt an empltiness inside and one day my my mother and I decided to just stop by and check out the dogs and animals.

Well low and behold Angel was going out for a walk with a volunteer and she walked right up to me. I ended up taking her for her walk and guess who came home with me? I love her to pieces. She was already named Angel and it was a name that stayed because she was my Angel from Heaven.  I since got a kitten from someone giving kittens away. She and Angel are best of friends. Loving my babies.
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