Senior "Taco"

Meet Taco, this senior citizen Chihuahua was a stray from New Gloucester. If there is such a thing as a stray, all dogs have an owner some where. Well, Taco was found wandering the roads looking for his owner. The local animal control picked him up and transported him to the shelter on October 13. We were sure someone would be claiming him. Ads were placed in the paper and the animal control keep checking for an owner. No one came forward to claim him, now we needed to decide what we were going to do with him. The Veterinarian estimated his age as very old. He had only three rotten teeth to his name and the front of his lower jaw was missing. The staff knew he would make a great companion for someone, only if they could find the right person to adopt him. We placed his picture on our web page and he appeared in our monthly full page ad in the local newspaper, we were so happy when an excellent prospect filled out an application for him. On October 26 he visited Turner Vet Service and had pre surgery blood test to make sure he would handle the anesthesia, his blood work came back normal. He was in great shape for surgery, so that afternoon he had his three remaining teeth removed. He recovery was quick and was placed into his new home on October 27.